Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Considering I just got back from vacation, I needed groceries. My goal will start today!

I ended my work day at a Dorothy Lane Market, a store for those with 1) a more selective palate and 2) no need to look at a price before purchasing an item. Ironically enough, I received a newsletter in the mail with some fantastic coupons just yesterday, simply for signing up for their card. I don't even shop there! I took them with me just in case, and voila! Look what I got for $5:

Raisin Bran, 5 yummy Yoplait yogurts, a wedge of Saint Paulin cheese, and an entire roll of sushi (which originally cost $6.50 to begin with!)

And so shows the power of finding coupons that match sales! The cheese cost me 3 cents, and the yogurts were 19 cents. I'm hooked! Now if only the Sunday paper would actually show up on my doorstep, I could crank out some more deals...

After shopping at Kroger afterwards, my total spending for the day is $40. I planned to only spend $25 and break it down week-by-week, but the beginning of the month is the worst. Besides, February is a short month anyway, right?

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