Saturday, May 29, 2010

So it's one of those where I wake up at 6 for no reason, and I'm already WIRED for my day! I have to stop at a Kroger in a little bit to make sure we have enough product for our $1.88 cracker sale... even though it's supposed to be a work-free Saturday. Grrrr... but gotta do what the rep needs me to do in his stores while he's on vacation.

So yesterday I became obsessed with smoothies. OBSESSED. I have been making them for awhile because my hot apartment gets me workin' up a craving for ice cream or something cold and cooling, but then my fridge broke. I was suddenly in withdrawal of anything cold. The new fridge came yesterday, all my produce was sorta wilted and weird, so it all went into the blender. It came out black. Oh, gross. So I threw in a packet of Carnation Instant Breakfast and it magically made everything taste like chocolate. Delicious!! I didn't even put milk or yogurt or any sort of base in it, yummy yummy yummy. Can't wait to get some more fruits and veggies today at the market to make some more.

Off to eat a good breakfast and head to Kroger. Cookout later... what should I bring?

Friday, May 28, 2010

Confessions of a Food Obsessor...

Basically, I'm the most and least motivated person in the entire world. I get extremely excited about having a new hobby and finally having something that I will keep up with, and then I lose all that motivation a week later. So I think I will have to broaden the topics of my blog. From now on, it won't be just about goals, but about anything else I want to write about. Mostly it will be about food, exercise, or work (and I work for Kraft, so lo and behold! It will likely relate to food.)

I obsess about food. OBSESS. I think about it all day, and plan my day around my food. If I feel hungry at work, I completely slack and cut corners just so I can go home faster or get to my lunch in my car and eat. I know all of the stores I work that have samples and what days are more likely to have them. Kroger in Troy, Ohio? Fabulous bites of angel food cake and Lofthouse cookies. Kroger in Kettering? Pitas, cheeses, mini-sandwiches. Jungle Jims? California rolls! I grab one on my way in, and one on my way out.

Which is why for awhile I decided not to post anything in here. If my blog related only to food, then that meant that the one hobby I took up would also be about food instead of keeping me sidetracked. Also, I felt that I would be healthy and more creative with my cooking if I was showing pictures to the world. I felt that if I ate badly, there would be people that knew. That's a disadvantage to living alone... you know that only your dog sees you indulge.

Don't get me wrong. I still eat healthier than probably 95% of America but I have rediscovered my sweet tooth after taking a Wilton cake decorating class, and also because my hands are all over Nabisco products all day. (As we speak, I'm staring at an entire case of Oreo Cakesters that came home with me. However, this is the type of thing that will get distributed to neighbors or family rather than me opening a single box!)