Saturday, May 29, 2010

So it's one of those where I wake up at 6 for no reason, and I'm already WIRED for my day! I have to stop at a Kroger in a little bit to make sure we have enough product for our $1.88 cracker sale... even though it's supposed to be a work-free Saturday. Grrrr... but gotta do what the rep needs me to do in his stores while he's on vacation.

So yesterday I became obsessed with smoothies. OBSESSED. I have been making them for awhile because my hot apartment gets me workin' up a craving for ice cream or something cold and cooling, but then my fridge broke. I was suddenly in withdrawal of anything cold. The new fridge came yesterday, all my produce was sorta wilted and weird, so it all went into the blender. It came out black. Oh, gross. So I threw in a packet of Carnation Instant Breakfast and it magically made everything taste like chocolate. Delicious!! I didn't even put milk or yogurt or any sort of base in it, yummy yummy yummy. Can't wait to get some more fruits and veggies today at the market to make some more.

Off to eat a good breakfast and head to Kroger. Cookout later... what should I bring?

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