Sunday, November 15, 2009

Day One

So after months of telling myself "I will start something great!" and doing absolutely the opposite (unless you count playing Diner Dash 2 until my mind is numb), I have finally decided to write the first post of my blog. I'm not even sure what the subject will be. If you have ever seen "Julie & Julia", you will be inspired to have a goal and stick to it. This is my attempt.

I might post a monthly goal. What I would like this blog to be about is setting goals for myself, whether unrealistic or not, and see how badly I fail or if I even try. That's the right attitude, huh? Well... if people start to read, maybe I will feel that I'm letting someone down if I don't accomplish that goal, even though no one truly cares about a seemingly make-believe person on the internet and her blog.

How about this. We'll make this first goal a realistic one. For the month of February, I will only spend $100 on groceries. I think this is realistic, anyway. I have never really set a budget for myself. However, my job consists of me bouncing from store to store all day long, and it gets tempting.

At least maybe this will keep me from buying everything I see!

Day one: Let's go!