Sunday, February 28, 2010

Goal achieved! I think?

After a month of actually logging my groceries for the entire month of February (this is ridiculous. I never stick to things this long), I think I may have achieved my goal.

Turns out, even with my crafty Excel spreadsheet-making skills, my math was wrong throughout the month, leading me to think I had more leftover in my budget than I did. The total bills weren't adding up correctly, so I ended up spending $102 total. This was including all toiletries, which was a debate that I had with myself at the beginning of the month since, to me, groceries mean "food"! For this reason, I decided that I met my goal of meeting/staying under my $100 grocery budget.

After splitting up each of my receipts into categories, I learned that:

  • My biggest expense category this month was alcohol at $11.66 total. Ok, not fair, because that was only 3 bottles!
  • Coming in second and third were peanut butter (3 jars--natural-- totaling$6.69) and fruit ($7.06). Yes, I like peanut butter.
  • My smallest expenses were cheese (8 cents!) and cereal (2 boxes totaled $2.67)
  • Using loyalty cards and coupons, I saved about $26.00. Not too much, but that means about 20% of my groceries were free. Remember, I'm only shopping for one! However, I also go with store brands quite often and there is no record on the receipt of how much you saved in comparison to the name brand... I think the amount I saved would be ridiculously higher if so.
  • I made purchases 13 times throughout the month! This seems absurd, but keep in mind my job consists of traveling to a gajillion area grocery stores, so I'm always able to hit--literally--EVERY sale.

Other interesting things I learned over the course of monitoring my groceries more closely:

  • Meijer has some fantastic produce sales.
  • I am no longer intolerant of latex-related fruits! I have struggled with "allergies" to melon, avacados, and bananas for years and years... only to discover that I can eat all of these things now!
  • I eat... a LOT... of peanut butter.
  • I don't really eat meat.
  • I went through a $6 container of honey in almost 4 weeks... by myself.
Now... can someone tell me why it's mixing up fonts in my posts?

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