Saturday, August 28, 2010

Days 5, 6, and 7!

Well whaddya know!! I did it!

I can't believe how well I controlled myself for 7 days straight. I had those giant, glorious cookies sitting right in front of my very eyes for 2 days in a row and I didn't even drool a little. (ok, a little...) I have an open bag of Betty Crocker chocolate chip cookie mix open in my cabinet that I didn't even glance at twice during the week.

So that means, aside from the very obscure amount of sugar that I had this week, I have met my goal. Again, I did have a tiny amount in certain things such as my Tic-Tacs, Cheerios (they have less than a gram!), and I had a pinch in my coffee this morning while experimenting with making milk froth for coffee. Yeah, that was a fail anyway.

Noon will mark the grand finale... a cookout at my Aunt and Uncle's house for my Uncle's birthday. My Aunt is quite the cook and is always whipping up something new and yummy. I think I should allow myself one or two sweets, because the test will be seeing if I can control myself from that downward spiral that is normally inevitable. If I exemplify that self-control that I have had all week, then I will know that there is hope for me!

For the most part, I felt like refusing sugar allowed me to figure out when I was truly hungry this week without many cravings. I did seem to turn a bit towards salty foods, but luckly it's easier to eat healthful meals that are salty rather than sugar-laden. For example, Tostitos and hummus, homemade vegetable soup (wow...yum!), and my end-of-the-week indulgence: a Hot Head Burrito Bowl with guac (think Chipotle, but locally-owned).

I feel bloated today, but that's probably because those burrito things have like a bajillion milligrams of sodium. That's besides the point right now. Let's hope that it's the key to keeping me from stuffing my face at the cookout today!

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