Thursday, March 4, 2010

Oscar Mayer convention... disgusting and delicious!

Well it's a good thing that my March goals have nothing at all to do with nutrition, because I got off to a terrible (but wonderfully delicious!) start yesterday! First off, I'll touch on my goal status:

  • Groceries: So far, I have spent $28. On track!
  • Workouts: I have had 2 of 4 this week. Should be easy to accomplish 2 more.
  • Recipes: Tried 2 new ones this week (even though I made them both up): my portabella panini below, and my "sushi" wrap earlier this week. So I'm set until next week!

So I had to attend an Oscar Mayer event for work, and I assumed right away that I was not gong to want ANY of the food that would be provided. Bologna? Hot dogs? Nooo thank you. And after the videos we saw, I'm surprised anyone ate the mini-wiener samples at lunch, even if they were new "no-nitrates/nitrites added"!!!

It started with a healthy beginning of my own version of raspberry cheesecake oatmeal (inspired by Kristin's recipe at Iowa Girl Eats! And by "my own version", I mean by being lazy, skipping ingredients and making it in the microwave.... and using strawberry preserves instead!). I simply mixed fat free cream cheese and powdered sugar for the "icing". Yummy.

Then I had a peanut butter sandwich on my way to Cincinnati.... long drive to the airport! (Which is actually in Kentucky, for whatever reason.)

Annnd then when we got to the Marriott, I realized that the food looked fantastic. I didn't have my camera, but my breakfast looked basically like this:

Plus strawberries, if that makes it any better!

Lunch included lunch meat and Lunchables samplings, and then I was terrible and ate TWO CHEESECAKE SLICES! Ahhh!

So when I got home, it was back to being healthy. This was my new and VERY delicious invention: a Portabella Red Pepper Panini!

My camera died post-grilling, but this still looks pretty good, right? Here is the recipe:

2 slices whole wheat bread (or fancier bread, if you wish!)
1 portabella mushroom
Sliced red pepper
Avacado to spread on the bread
Feta cheese to taste!
Red Wine Vinegar dressing... if you please.

Slap it all together and grill it up! I used a George Foreman. I found that it was actually easier to grill the mushroom cap a little bit before putting the whole sandwich together, because the heat wasn't quite getting to it when it was assembled. I then dipped it in a new dressing I'm trying for salad, and it was quite good! I meant to add spinach to this also, so that might be what I try tonight with leftovers :)

Well it's off to work! Getting trained at a Wal-Mart today with our Market Trainer. I'd be dreading it if he wasn't such a super-nice person!

What is your guilty pleasure?


  1. Hi Katie! Great blog! I'll be sure to follow:) My sister works for a Marriott, so we always stay at of the better chains!

    And I also love a good panini...we eat them often.

  2. That oatmeal sounds delicious! I read it on IGE too but I would probably do it your lazy way :)