Monday, March 1, 2010

Grocery store and some yummy eats!

Happy March! I finally made some photo-worthy health food after being inspired by other blogs I have been reading.
Here was my surprisingly
delicious lunch....

I'm not one for measuring... but this was a combo of Yoplait Lowfat Vanilla yogurt, Libby
's pumpkin (in a can), sliced bananas and almonds, sprinkled with cinnamon
. Wow!!! What a creation!

Of course, little Reese was standing by to help... (there goes the crazy font issue again!)

I went grocery shopping today to start off month 2 of $100 food budget madness. Here's what I got for $27:

And I made a FABULOUS discovery today. If you use (where you can link coupons to your loyalty card rather than clipping them out), apparently it doesn't "see" that you have printed coupons also. For this reason,
I got a box of Fiber 1 90 Calorie Chocolate bars (they taste like Cocoa Crispies!) for 89 cents!! That's from having a 50 cent coupon that they doubled, plus having a Shortcuts coupon for 40 cents (those don't double). This makes me very happy!

(Notice the knockoff bottle of V8 lurking behind my oats... that will be a challenge...I hate my vegetables!)

Finally, I made a noteworthy dinner from leftovers! I call it a Sushi-rito, which is grammatically incorrect because it has no rice!

Mmm... It tasted better than the pictures look! Not sure how some of you get your pictures to get so fresh and cookbook-like.

The "recipe" for this yummy, healthy wrap:

1 whole wheat tortilla
2 tablespoons fat free cream cheese
2 tablespoons fresh avacado
Small strips of cucumber
Smoked salmon

Guilt-free! I also squeezed a little lemon juice in there and dipped it in a bit of soy sauce.


  1. 1. I <3 smoked salmon so much!!
    2. so far I've gathered you work for Kraft and you travel to supermarkets... what is you job, and can I borrow it!!??? :-D It sounds awesome!
    3. I love the concept of your blog- I'm constantly trying to improve and I love the monthly goal idea. :-) Keep it up!

  2. Hey Katie, thanks for your comment on my blog. I'm really impressed with you monthly goal of only spending $100 dollars at the grocery store...I know I couldn't do it without some SERIOUS budgeting! Good luck, I'll be following along!

  3. I like that you have SO many goals. The $100 budget is a great way to start.

    (And thanks for stopping by my blog too!) :o)