Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Great Finds and some Dessert Hummus!

Today was a delicious day, even if it included some Nabisco goodies (Halloween Chips Ahoy? YUM!) though I really try to avoid these things at our lengthy work meetings.

I had a nice 40 minute cardio workout to counteract the effects of all those yummy little treats and then scavenged the fridge for some healthy dinner... which was a big ol' sweet potato, God's greatest vegetable invention. They're like candy!

New finds that I loooooove....

Ok, so I might be a bit biased because I work for Kraft, but I normally don't "endorse" our products...specifically the Oscar Meyer stuff. Too processed. However, they just came out with a line of awesome deli meat that is right off the chopping block. Look at the thickness of this meat!

This was my first time trying it... and wow. It's a bit pricey (About $4 here in Ohio), but luckily the boss man gave me a freebie coupon to try this stuff out. Of course, I asked him for ALL the coupons he might have on hand... I would make sandwiches with this stuff every day if I could. Or just eat it out of the container!

Also on the menu for today was dessert hummus, from Food Makes Fun Fuel. Thanks for the recipe, Ian! This was delicious (once my blender stopped crying from the thickness...eek!)!!

His looks a little smoother and creamier than mine, but it was still tasty on a graham cracker! Inside the mix is natural peanut butter, chickpeas, vanilla, and maple syrup (I used sugar free), plus chocolate chips.

Which brings me to my next "new find I love".... Sugar Free Chocolate Chips. These taste exactly like regular chocolate chips, but without sugar or aspartame. Definitely a fan.

Mmmm... Hershey's knows how to treat a girl right.

Well, just a short post for tonight. I'm having drinks on my porch in this lovely weather with my best friend, who conveniently lives across the street!

What is a recent favorite find of yours?

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